Alex Coke

When we were looking for a new project, Bob Hoffnar introduced us to the improvisational work of the Alex Coke Septet. Bob is a pedal steel guitarist and both played on and produced this record.

Mike Nicolai

Mike's a great songwriter and I'm very happy to be associated with his record. We met probably in 2011 when he played at my bar, Skinny's. In recent years we've been hanging out at local play-your-own-vinyl nights in Austin. We've got similar tastes in vinyl so I knew his record would be a good fit for Rock tumbler.

Randy Reynolds

Randy's an old friend who's been involved in lots of projects. If you've spent time in Austin you might've seen Randy in Leatherbag, No Future, and Doctor Club. Randy's is the first record to be released on Rock Tumbler.

Yard Work

Yard Work is Toby (bass), Sean (vocals), Aaron (drums), and David (guitar). They're older guys like me. They've got a sense of humor, and they don't take themselves too seriously. They definitely know how to rock!  My kind of stuff.